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Our hard work making your work easy

Probe UsabilityProbe action

To negate issues with intermittent or unreliable WiFi, we have enabled our probe usable whenever and wherever, giving you peace of mind that temperature records can always be taken when required.

The probe will now store data locally if it detects a WiFi dropout; when connection is re-established, the record is sent to the respective Navitas (cloud) platform. This ensures no loss of due diligence records through power-cuts or internet dropouts.

New Pods & Hubs                   New Pods & Hubs

Although our original pods & hubs were efficient and more than suitable for a contract catering  environment, we understood other environments may be more physically demanding. IP rated 67; these new devices are far more robust, surviving submersion in water and able to broadcast temperatures at a range of up to 16km. These are ready to take on everything a busy commercial kitchen should throw at them.

Probe Battery LifeIMG_16022017_111156_0

As with many well-known handheld devices battery life is never enough. This was feedback received from a handful of clients. Our developers worked hard to negate this issue for them, re-mapping our code to ensure our probes can survive a full day’s busy service.

Want more?

To hear more of our ever-evolving technology and how it can simplistically aid your catering operation, get in touch at 0845 241 2228 or email myself at

The Future is Bright… the Future is Pantone 165

Saving lives (time) and ridding of villains (paperwork), when we will we obtain our Food Safety Superhero status?

Recognition aside, any powers we’ve been blessed with – they’re being put to use with everything orange.

Our platform is ever-evolving; having recently extended our Suppliers’ area to allow for instant messaging, whilst our printable records have been beefed-up, so never fear when the EHO is near, Navitas has your back!

Just like iOS updates, our Smart probes can now be remotely updated, saving Ben Toft a trip to your site and ensuring all our clients are up-to-date with our latest innovations.

Our developers have created a watered-down Cleaning Schedule software for tablets, allowing any level of staff to complete your records around the kitchen, protecting any sensitive information stored elsewhere on your platform.

In the superhero theme – here is our newest addition to the team in a cape himself.


Leo has committed Full-time to the food safety revolution after graduating from Loughborough University in International Business. Leo worked with Navitas from inception alongside his studies for 3 years. Now our Business Development Manager, this face will be more than happy to speak with you about what Navitas can offer.


New Skin – Sneak Preview

We have spoken so much about the hardware recently, but one element of Navitas that has been up and running for a while now is the platform from which everything is managed. As this has been a stable system for quite a while now, we wanted to give it facelift and show off what we can really do in terms of design. So as we are currently working on the new ‘skin’ for the platform, we wanted to give a sneak peak of what is to come for the system.

For anyone that doesn’t quite understand when we refer to a change of ‘skin’, you may find it useful to have a quick read below:

The skin is the visual appearance of the platform, which includes the graphics, colour scheme and all round design. In changing the skin on the system, this has absolutely no effect on the main functions within the system and essentially is the improvement of the aesthetics, hopefully making it a much nicer system to view and use.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 15.18.50


So for any person that will be using the system, these will be the sorts of images that you shall be getting used to soon. In terms of a final release date for the new skin, this is now only a matter of weeks away and we shall keep you posted.

Welcome to the Food Safety Revolution

Navitas is here!!

After a month’s worth of great testing with our prototypes, a couple of minor changes we now have our production-ready version of Navitas. The last month has been one of increased anticipation in the Navitas office, as we have received extremely positive feedback from the recent installation, with only a couple of small tweaks to perfect the system.

With such positive results, we have now been able to make our first order of production-ready hardware, which shall be arriving shortly. A good proportion of this has already been requested by a number of different clients, so we can see another order being placed in the not too distant future.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.08.33


With this in mind, Navitas is ready to all of our clients. So when you are ready to take the jump into the Food Safety Revolution, please do get in touch via 0845 180 5001 or

Installation Day

I am pleased to announce that we now have a full working prototype system, which was just been subject to our first full installation less than a week ago. As you can imagine, the atmosphere within the Navitas team is somewhat buoyant, as we can see a huge step towards a full system roll out. We were delighted to hit the target of a full installation by the end of January.

The prototype system has been installed into a site of one of our long-standing clients, as a means of putting the Navitas system through its paces. We would like to thank the site for helping us to test Navitas in a real, working kitchen and give us the opportunity to perfect the system. In addition, we hope that this is also their jump into that entirely paperless Food Safety Management System that they so desire.

As I have said this is only a prototype, but one that is almost ready for general release. We envisage that a month of good testing will result in some positive results, a couple of minor tweaks and our first order of production level hardware.

A Step in the Right Direction

As the supply chain is now based firmly in the UK, we are making some good progress with the Navipods and Wireless Hubs. The outer casing of the Pods and Hubs is now completed and the Navitas Orange is starting to glow. The cool, yet simple design of the Pods and Hubs is fantastic to see and gives an insight into what shall be sitting quietly within your appliances.

The progress on the electronics within the Pods and Hubs is a little slower, but this is to be expected. We have done the hard work in getting them connected and temperatures transmitting, but the issue of a slightly limited range is one that we are now addressing. To ensure a good wireless range for the Pods and guarantee full site coverage, we are now doing work on the antennas to fine tune these to and provide the extensive coverage.

The full-range working prototypes for the Pods and Hubs shall hopefully not be far away, with installations to follow. The expectation is that they shall be ready around December time, although it appears as though Christmas shall be getting in the way of any realistic installation date. With that in mind, January shall be the month of Navitas

Slowly Slowly, Catchy Monkey

Ok, so after a turbulent couple of months, we are well on the road to Navitas rolling out. We have been absolutely inundated with requests for installation and we thank those warm leads for their patience at this time. I think it is testament to the product that salubrious clients are prepared to wait months for it to be ready. As Navitas has been developed in association with The European Safety Bureau, we look forward to rolling out the system to a considerable number of the 3,300 sites the Bureau supports annually.

For the last 6 weeks, Navitas has been operating well in a paperless Government Research Institute with really positive feedback. In lieu of the pods and hubs being produced, we made an adjustment to the software so the site was able to manually input temperatures as opposed to the system doing it automatically.

To summarise the reason for the delays in a nutshell, I flew out to Hong Kong in November to meet with a Pod/Hub supplier who told me we would have a production ready product in 2 ½ to 3 months. I added a comfort blanket onto this time frame and subsequently advised our clients of the intended installation date. The products arrived and whilst the exterior casings were superb, the electronics simply didn’t serve their purpose. We then had to ship the injection moulding tool over to the UK to our local plastics firm who will produce the pod and hub casings alongside the probes. Cue the delay.

In short, the Navitas product is now being designed by a development team in Silicon Valley and manufactured here in the UK. Testing is being carried out this week and following approval and the mandatory EMCRFI test, we are ready.

The team is growing nicely and one huge benefit of the delays associated with pods is that the Probe and Software platform have been developed further to suit our contract catering clients’ exacting needs.

Watch this space, the next 8 weeks will be exciting. Navitas is coming.

Combining Geography, Technology and Food Safety – How does that sound to you?

Some of you might have already heard and read about James’ Research in the field of Food Safety in one of the previous blogs. For those of you that just recently caught attention on Navitas, let me quickly explain how a Master’s Student of Geography ends up conducting Research on the (in-) visibility of Food Safety practices in consideration of modern technology.

“Nowadays society is marked by globalisation and food trade has a massive impact on countries. The chains of suppliers, providers, clients and customers are not limited to regional borders any longer. Due to this development also hazards, bacteria and food borne illnesses are not limited to certain areas anymore. Therefore Food distribution is not only to be regarded as Business but implies social responsibility. The combination of both was what drew my attention on Navitas.”

Collecting Data over a period of 4 months made James realise that there appears to be a big gap in analyzing the relation of Businesses and Food Safety. “Most journals simply focus on the suppliers’ and food providers’ part of food safety. How accurately do food producers stick to legal requirements and how could food production be monitored constantly? However, in the context of the direct distribution when serving customers or kids at school, Food Safety seems to get lost in research.”

I’m sure it is not only us at Navitas but all of you that know, that Food Safety does not stop with a safe production but needs to be followed by a safe distribution.

Over the past months James managed to interview 13 Participants established in various fields of the Food and Hospitality Sector which directly serve customers (Hotels, Nursing Homes, Restaurants or Schools). Whilst interviewing Chefs and operational Managers, James evaluated different risks and the perception of food safety hazards when serving customers.

“Many of the participants found it quite challenging to successfully implement a steady and reliable Food Safety and Health and Safety System as legal requirements often change and the frequency of Staff switches in the hospitality sector increases. Additionally by working in a fast paced environment with often unsociable working hours many chefs find it hard to keep track of changes in legislations or new innovations in the field of Food Safety.”

 Well, of course I would have loved to know immediately what James’ participants thought of Navitas but unfortunately we will all have to wait until June to get the final results. “Although the idea of a fully digitalised Food Safety System made most of my participants smile”, is what James tells us.


Long Time No See

Long time no see!

Due to a very busy few months for the Navitas Team we have slowed down with our use of this blog, but as everything is starting to settle into place now, we can finally let you know what has been going on.

For us, the New Year was accompanied not only by New Years’ resolutions, but also by a few changes regarding the Navitas Team. Our Marketing Officer Reha has left the company, as she has decided to follow a different career path. Once again we would like to wish her all best for the future and are grateful for the support she has offered to Navitas. But, as one door closes we all know another one opens; In this case it was Julia walking in for a Job interview, looking for some invaluable experience beyond her recent Master Studies. Although Julia’s PA Role mainly requires her to chase Ben, she chips in whenever and wherever needed – a secret floating agent as Ben likes to call it. Currently she is managing our supply chain to a large extend, ensuring the realisation of Navitas.

So here we are – back to the Business!

Unfortunately we have had some issues with our suppliers, which has meant that we have had to adapt our supply chain. But eventually we are happy to have found the right individuals to collaborate with and are expecting the mass production for Navitas to start any day.

Ben Toft, Product Developer, has been sent out on the roads to install our Navitas System at the very first Client Site! Now that our first installation has taken place, we can start to get Navitas to where we want to be, with the help and input of our very first client. Therefore we are happy to say that our first test installation has been a real success for us, as we have not only gained out first client but also improved the Navitas system.

Those of you that have been following the Blog earlier on might remember James Streatfield (Masters Student at the University of Leicester and Research Assistant). James is still working on his Research Project focusing on Food and Safety practices with regards to the usage of modern technology in the Food and Hospitality sector. The Research Report about his findings will be published in the upcoming quarter of the year. If you cannot wait to read on how he is currently doing and the enlightenment he has had over the past months, you’re more than welcome to read on the following Blog, which will be focusing exclusively on James.


After a short hiatus, I thought it is timely to update our followers and fans on the progress of Navitas.

A significant supply issue with the Navitas Smartprobe screens left us reeling, however we are pleased to inform that we have found a replacement supplier. ‘That must be easy’ I hear you cry; well in fact it proved unforeseeably difficult to find a screen with exactly the same dimensions, a compatible pcb, correct orientation of the ribbon cable and software which could interact with our Android board pcb. Nevertheless, we have now overcome this challenge and have been left with a superior screen in terms of resolution and increased viewing angles. The issue left us with what turned out to be an 11 week delay on installations. We cannot thank those clients enough who were quick to see the benefits of Navitas from the outset, signed up, and have stuck with us through this delay. The delay has allowed us to develop the Navitas platform further to allow for timed-access periods; useful if you wish to give a potential client a timed window into your Navitas Dashboard. There are a plethora of other options under development which we cannot wait to inform you about. ‘Every cloud’ and all that…

Reha, Marketing Officer, has been very busy liaising with suppliers for the Probe charging cables – you would not believe how difficult it is to find a cable supplier who can put a Lumberg connector on a Pantone 165 lead. Aside from this, we really look forward to showing you the packaging concepts we received from a plethora of suppliers. The first production run should be with us on Monday. Think matt laminate, white and orange.

Ben Toft, Business Development, has just completed his first month with the team. He has used his contacts forged whilst being a professional sportsman to enhance the lead database for Navitas. Aside from this Ben has been working with Maciej, Head of Coding, to test the Navitas software user interface.

James Streatfield, Research Assistant has now settled in and has found a wealth of academic journals around the topics of ‘adoption of i.t in the hospitality industry’ and ‘transparency of data in hospitality’. We look forward to sharing his findings in the first Navitas white paper, coming in due course.

Thanks for reading, Ta taa.