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Health & Safety was always the ‘elephant in the room’, but it’s an essential part of every foodservice business. We know that keeping up with all the twists and turns of legislation can seem really daunting. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help you keep your safety management in tiptop shape.


Navitas is a single destination for all things safety in the hospitality industry. Our aim is to make your life much easier with simple to use technology and expert insight. You can trust Navitas to bring you 5* safety because we offer a depth and breadth of service that you won’t find anywhere else. Nothing slips through the net when you have one partner to cover all your bases. From digital food safety to compliance, audit and training, you’re in safe hands.

Navitas Global Food and Health & Safety

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Decades of insider knowledge

Navitas started out as the European Safety Bureau over 30 years ago. We know all the ups, downs and everyday challenges that teams face in the hospitality sector – and how to make sure you always come out on top.

We care because you do

Integrity matters to us and we only serve businesses that want to get safety right. That’s why so many of our customers see us as partners rather than suppliers. It’s because we’re on your side.

Only the best make our team

Everything we do is guided by fully qualified environmental health practitioners. We listen to what our customers need and deliver it with industry leading technology and expertise.

We fit all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re managing a single site or hundreds of locations, you’ll find your best fit solution with Navitas. We take the time to really get to know your business.

Odeon logo

We engaged Navitas to provide an audit service as part of our risk management programme. Within a very short space of time, a bespoke audit template has been agreed, along with an audit programme for our cinemas and Navitas had commenced auditing using its excellent team of auditors.

Peter Ford

Risk Management Director - Odeon
Cycas Hospitality

When you’re managing hotels with different country legislations, it’s vital yet time consuming to manage each brand's H&S requirements. The Navitas system ensures we exceed standards set out in our franchise agreements, while making it simpler for us to monitor activity across all our properties.

Philip Steiner

Director of Accommodations - Cycas