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Probe UsabilityProbe action

To negate issues with intermittent or unreliable WiFi, we have enabled our probe usable whenever and wherever, giving you peace of mind that temperature records can always be taken when required.

The probe will now store data locally if it detects a WiFi dropout; when connection is re-established, the record is sent to the respective Navitas (cloud) platform. This ensures no loss of due diligence records through power-cuts or internet dropouts.



New Pods & Hubs                   New Pods & Hubs

Although our original pods & hubs were efficient and more than suitable for a contract catering  environment, we understood other environments may be more physically demanding. IP rated 67; these new devices are far more robust, surviving submersion in water and able to broadcast temperatures at a range of up to 16km. These are ready to take on everything a busy commercial kitchen should throw at them.





Probe Battery LifeLonger Lasting

As with many well-known handheld devices battery life is never enough. This was feedback received from a handful of clients. Our developers worked hard to negate this issue for them, re-mapping our code to ensure our probes can survive a full day’s busy service.



Want more?

To hear more of our ever-evolving technology and how it can simplistically aid your catering operation, get in touch at 0845 241 2228 or email myself at leo@navitas.eu.com