It's Time to go Digital


Stop Doing Food Safety Paperwork

Every business is no stranger to paperwork, this is because all businesses have to complete paperwork in some way. Paperwork has become the standard method to complete administrative tasks. It is used for all sorts of different tasks, but some key examples are: internal processes, staff training and Health & Safety logs/compliance. Within Food Safety, paperwork is used to log temperature readings, complete HACCP and log all kitchen cleaning. 

With technology having advanced to the level it has, we’re now completing many everyday tasks digitally (such as: electronic messaging/mail, online calls, online shopping and many more). Here at Navitas we believe that all processes that are currently paper-based within the hospitality industry should be completed digitally, and therefore we have developed our bespoke system to be capable of moving these tasks to a digital platform. Within the hospitality industry, food safety tasks such as: logging temperature readings, HACCP, cleaning and staff training are completed using paperwork.

Using our Smartprobe, you’re able to take temperature readings of both raw and cooked foods as you’re able to purchase different colour-coded needles for both raw and cooked foods – this is to avoid cross contamination. Our smartprobe can combat paperwork as you will no longer need to manually log readings, this is because the probe immediately sends readings directly to the cloud to be stored there. Therefore, your log of readings will be stored digitally and accessed through our system, so you will no longer need to spend time on filing.

Using our Pods & Hubs, you’re able to facilitate automated appliance temperature checks that occur every 30 minutes by default – however, this can be changed to meet your requirements. Similarly to readings logged using the probe, the temperature checks will be instantly transmitted to the cloud and stored there, thus eliminating the need to manually check and log appliance temperatures, saving your kitchen team bags of time.

Using our software, you’re able to complete checklists that can be customised to your needs. Checklists are most commonly used for hygiene and operational purposes – such as: daily cleaning tasks and daily kitchen open/shutdown tasks. However, they can also be used for other purposes such as: HACCP, compliance and staff training. For example, if you wish to ensure that all of your staff read and sign any new policies or amendments to existing policies, you’re able to do so digitally with our checklists.

With all of the above services we’re able to provide, is it not time to stop doing food safety paperwork and save your team time in the process?