It's now a legal requirement to ensure your business is Covid-19 Secure. Register below to receive our general guidance for free and find out how your business can get coronavirus control certified. It's time to lift off and get back to business as usual.

How does the Coronavirus Control Certification System work?

Businesses need to legally ensure they have strict controls in place to help protect their employees and customers. You may need help to know what controls you need to put into place. Navitas' COVID-19 audit and certification and support services will provide confidence that you have the best possible controls in place to keep everyone safe.

Step 1

Register your interest with Navitas and you will receive a practical guide on how to comply with government guidelines.

Step 2

You will receive either an online audit or short visit from one of our experienced Environmental Health Consultants who will provide guidance and check that the correct Covid19 controls are in place.

Step 3

You will be given a Covid19 Control report and Covid19 Control Certificate which you can display on your website or premises.

Get prices for Navitas’ Support Service Packages

We have three packages available, including our free support service package. We've got everything you need to reopen safely including industry-specific guides and risk assessments, Covid-19 staff training and audit & certification.

Covid19 Advice Guide

Coronavirus Control Industry Guides & Risk Assessments

Navitas have created specific Covid-19 Control Guidance and Risk Assessments to help you reopen safely, ensuring you've covered all areas. The guides look at the steps necessary to ensure a safe re-opening, explains how to complete the checks required, and how to act on findings. It formulates Checklists of key areas to address to verify that all reasonable steps have been taken to bring safe working environments and operations back into use.

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Coronavirus support, resources & guidance

With so much uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus, you can be forgiven for not knowing what direction to take. What's best for your business and your people?

Navitas' environmental health experts are working proactively to produce guidance for businesses on how to operate safely. All guidance is designed with environmental health best practice and amended in line with government advice and legislation. We have a number of services and resources to help you:

Want to offer takeaway during Covid19?

Offering a takeaway service is a fantastic way to ensure you’re still able to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic. Download our free guide on how to do this while ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.

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Comprehensive Opening Checklist

Environmental health expert approved opening checklist and guidance. The checklist provides detailed guidance and a process to follow when reopening after Covid19 closures. The checklist can be used manually or as part of the Navitas digital compliance software.

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COVID19 in the workplace training

Online training course which can be completed by all staff prior to returning to work. The course covers return to work suitability (covering the risk of exposure to coronavirus) and what measures they will need to take when back in their place of work.

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Who are Navitas?

Navitas is a single destination for all things safety in the hospitality industry. Our aim is to make your life much easier with simple to use technology and expert insight. You can trust Navitas to bring you 5* safety because we offer a depth and breadth of service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Decades of insider knowledge

Navitas started out as the European Safety Bureau over 30 years ago. We know all the ups, downs and everyday challenges that teams face in the hospitality sector – and how to make sure you always come out on top.

We care because you do

Integrity matters to us and we only serve businesses that want to get safety right. That’s why so many of our customers see us as partners rather than suppliers. It’s because we’re on your side.

Only the best make our team

Everything we do is guided by fully qualified environmental health practitioners. We listen to what our customers need and deliver it with industry leading technology and expertise.

We fit all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re managing a single site or hundreds of locations, you’ll find your best fit solution with Navitas. We take the time to really get to know your business.

Five Guys Global Safety

``Five Guys Enterprises has been working with Navitas to develop a new Global Food Safety auditing program and learning platform. Navitas has been a key player in assuring we have a functionally sound, technology driven, and innovative reporting and learning tool.

Navitas are constantly refining the platform to not only meet the needs of Five Guys Enterprise, but to create a solid platform that can be used in many other restaurant and retail food service establishments.``

Trey Williamson
Director- Food Safety & Quality Assurance

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