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Ditch the paperwork, grab your mobile or tablet and let's go! The perks of digital food safety!

Time saving

No more paperwork.
Go digital, all automated!

Delegate the boring and time-consuming tasks to our reliable and automated systems. Let digital food safety run in the background and alert you when needed.

Full transparency

Instantly visualise your
food safety processes.

Access your food safety records within seconds. Management made easy with digital checklists, routines and allergen tracking. All centralised in one database.

Peace of mind

Total traceability and accountability.

Make your staff accountable for all food safety tasks. Giving you complete confidence that your site is compliant at all times. Life made easy.

Digital Wifi Connected Temperature Probe 🌡

What you need: Our innovate Smart Probe

Automatic Fridge & Freezer Temperature Recording Pods 🌡

What you need: Our smart little pods for fridges & freezers

Digital Food Safety Software 💻

What you need: Your mobile, tablet or desktop!

Allergen Tracking & Tracing 🖨

What you need: Our handy, reliable allergen printers

We love our Customers

See why our customers give Navitas a 96% satisfaction rating - the best in the business!

We have been working with Navitas to enhance our due diligence for over 2 years now, and both our kitchen and operations team cannot imagine their workplace without it. The quality of the hardware and the common sense approach to its interface made Navitas stand out from the crowd. We believe investing in this kind of technology not only returns well through saving labour but reinforces our commitment to 5* Food Hygiene."
"Navitas were instrumental in helping us to achieve our 5* rating in our recent EHO inspection. Navitas' Digital Food Safety system provided clear evidence of our food safety processes which we can access at anytime. All of our temperature readings are automatically populated into the system so this doesn’t become a time burden. On the run up to our inspection, Navitas provided the best support I could ever ask for. I would definitely recommend!”
"When Cycas first met Navitas we were impressed by the promise of a cost-effective automated system that put guests and team safety first, making it instantly accessible to everyone. Its simple to use technology has already exceeded our expectations, with the added benefit of freeing up our staff to spend more time making our guests happy, and we are delighted to be the first European hotel company to roll it out across our portfolio."

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