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Employee Working From Home Safety

Complete guide for businesses on their legal requirements to keep remote workers safe when working from home.


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Employee Homeworker Safety Guide

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More and more people are now working remotely from home either full time or part of the working week and it is important for employers and employees to be aware that ’remote workers’ are still safe and not at risk when they are working from home.

Poor work stations, poor posture and isolation can all lead to health issues if they are not managed correctly.

This document details the key areas for consideration when you have staff who are working from home. The information contained is based on legal requirements, The Health & Safety Executive Guidance and ‘best practice’.

For the purposes of this guide, the term ‘homeworker’ will be a person who is working remotely from home, mainly in an ‘office style’ activity using a computer, desk etc.

What the law says

Homeworkers are covered by health & safety law in the same way as any other employed worker, but as this topic describes, there are a range of issues specific to these workers that must be considered in order to keep them safe in their homes.

An employer has the same health & safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers. Employees themselves also have legal responsibilities whilst they are at work.

The guide clearly outlines what you need to do, legally, to ensure you’re looking after your homeworkers’ physical and mental health. 

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