Navitas Medical has been developed from the combination of 30 years of experience in the Health and Safety Industry and 20 years of experience in Patient Safety.

Let our Navitas Medical pack
make your life easier

Wireless appliance
temperature reporting

- Never manually check fridges again - Save drugs before appliance failure occurs

Wi-fi operated
temperature recording

- Simplistic process for fridge temperatures - Full traceability

Maintain patient safety

- Prevent non-compliant drugs being given to your patients - Ensure patient safety isn’t compromised

Online checklists

- Store and complete all your checklists online - Never lose paper records again


Navitas Medical has changed how the medical industry addresses the issue of temperature control. It keeps patient safety at the forefront of your mind. Say goodbye to excess paperwork and hello to Navitas Medical.

Patient Safety

  • Eliminate risk and liability
  • Safeguard your brand
  • Ensure your drugs are safe

Save Time

  • Reduce costs with 24/7 automated monitoring and custom alerts
  • Focus time on your patients

Easy to Use

  • Simple to set up and manage
  • A user-friendly system
  • Multi-platform & Multi-browser
  • Monitor tasks wherever you are

The one stop solution

  • Never lose your paper records again
  • Set reminders to help you keep on top of your checklists
  • Access the portal whilst on the move in a busy clinic

‘Our clients subscribe to navitas medical as it provides a level of medical security
that has never previously been offered.’