NavitasCovid19 Navitas helps Police Now ensure Covid-19 Safety
Police Now Enlist Navitas to help with Covid-19 Safety

Navitas helps Police Now ensure Covid-19 Safety

Police Now have enlisted the services of Navitas, a leading safety consultancy and technology organisation, to help Police Now ensure they have the best safety procedures in place.

Police Now, a multi award winning social enterprise, that provides graduate training programmes in partnership with over 30 police forces in England and Wales, is working with Navitas Safety to help ensure adequate Covid-19 controls are in place during their training academies.

It was vital for Police Now to continue their graduate training programmes but, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, heightened safety controls had to be put into place to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, trainers and trainees joining their programme. Increased safety measures included the implementation of social distancing and minimising the use of enclosed spaces where possible. Appropriate application of PPE is used where social distancing cannot be reasonably maintained and ensuring increased cleaning processes particularly of high touchpoint areas, such as light switches and door handles, to minimise the risk of contamination.

Navitas have been providing expertise to businesses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing free guidance, risk assessments and Covid-19 Control auditing; giving confidence to businesses that the controls they have in place are in line with government guidelines and health and safety best practice. Navitas reviewed Police Now’s risk assessments and Covid-19 management and isolation procedures to ensure they were in line with government guidelines and all risks were suitably controlled.

Navitas said “Police Now’s risk assessments and procedures were comprehensive, which is great to see that they’re really dedicated to safety. With guidance and legislation changing frequently, it can be daunting to know whether you have covered everything or not.

As environmental health experts, our job is to ensure we are always up to date with the latest health and safety guidance and are able to advise our clients and in turn keep their people, customers and reputation safe.

We were glad to be able to support Police Now and provide that extra level of confidence and provide some helpful pointers to ensure they’ve covered everything they can to ensure the safety of their people”. 

We really appreciate the support from Navitas and are pleased that our risk assessments are robust. Navitas have assisted us in making sure we give our participants the safest environment possible, during their ongoing training as police officers.”

Rachael Hand, Head of Programme Operations and Events at Police Now

With suitable safeguards in place, Police Now can confidently continue to run their National Graduate Leadership Programme without impacting the safety of anyone involved.  

Victoria offers some advice for other businesses who are currently reopening or opened but haven’t yet updated or created a new risk assessment for Covid-19:

1.         Identify how Covid-19 could cause harm in your business (hazard)

2.         Decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how seriously (the risk)

3.         Take action to control the risk of Covid-19

4.         Maintain a clear record of your risk assessment and control steps

5.         Review your Covid-19 risk assessment in line with government guidelines and your changing business operations.

Navitas adds “It’s really important to keep your staff informed of any changes you make to your procedures or risk assessments and ensure they clearly understand any changes to their responsibilities. If you’re unsure about what changes you need to make or what risk assessments you need to complete, please reach out to Navitas and we can support you.”

Head over to our Coronavirus help hub to find out about the range of free resources and services to help you.

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